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I have a friend picked me out from a crowd my friend just wanted to be close to me

He can see my heart of hearts no one else can see my friend knows that I need someone close to me

Close to me close to me

Oh what a friend stands by me when no one else can stays unconditionally close to me

Close to me close to me

This is the friend that moves with me when I leave there’s none more important than me smiles when I laugh cries when I grieve and is teaching me how to hold fast to the end how to love again and again the last three letters of the word friend means this one will be at the end

So play it again and again

Oh what a friend never forsakes always gives eternity my friend lives close to me

Close to me… close to me…close to me…

This is the friend that moves with me when I leave there’s none more important than me smiles when I laugh cries when I grieve and is teaching me how to hold fast to the end how to love again and again the last three letters of the word friend means this one will be at the end

So play it again and again

What would you do if you went to Truth in Shredding only to find the lying thieves have stolen your recording? You would stop the lying thieves. “Dominstra”, my composition from 1990s is now private. Ray Riendeau and the merry band of Truth Shredders have been caught stealing, not only my copyright, but also my sound recording. “Dominstra” was released by Circle One Records in 1997. Ray is not even on the original release of my composition. Ray had nothing to do with “Doministra” or anything on the Circle One – Circle One CD. (NOTE: All recordings previously released as Circle One, and Dominic John are discontinued. Circle One Records only distributes the recordings as THE PERPETUAL RENEGADES.) Circle One Records released the new version of “Dominstra”, which includes the bass track we paid Riendeau to record for us in the late 1990s, on 12/13/2022.

About a month later, (1/15/2023), we sent the following to our newsletter recipients:

(You Can Call Me Ray)

Part 1

Imagine a scenario in which you are a translator who was paid an agreed upon amount of money to translate a novel. You rendered the service more than twenty years ago, and to your knowledge the book was never published. Then, out of the blue, the publisher contacts you via e-mail to inform you the book is being published and you are credited as the translator. In fact, they feel so strongly about your translation skills they proudly state featuring your translation.

How would that make you feel?

Would it make you feel the need to block the publisher’s IP from being able to contact you?

What kind of person would do such a thing? I, like most of us, would be elated if I was informed of this fantastic news. Who would IP block the record company, publishing company, and man that owns them both upon learning of the release of a song that features them on bass?

You can call me Ray. Riendeau, that is. First, the antique bass vault e-mail account informed us there are issues with the e-mail being delivered but there is no need to send it again.

Then we e-mailed the great news to the account found at Ray’s YT channel only to have the e-mail returned for the reason we have been BLOCKED. We tried several other accounts but Ray had IP blocked us, so none would go through.

We are literally baffled. Why would Ray Riendeau behave in this fashion? Circle One Records gave Ray all the money we agreed upon and we agreed upon giving Ray many songs to record for us. If anyone receiving this e-mail would like to hazard a guess as to why Ray Riendeau is doing this to us, we would love to entertain anything you can think of.

E-mail your thoughts to tpr@circleonerecords.com

To be continued…

(NOTE: The video is once again viewable at Shredding the Truth. We made the video private to prove we at Circle One Records control whether the video is private or public, not Ray and the google of criminals.)

Ray Riendeau and the google of criminals among us thought they were playing Dominic for a fool. Does a blind person really see what is going down? No, they are not the ones to follow. While the criminals play Dominic for a fool, the Host of Heaven is playing Dominoes.

Ray Riendeau is the first Dominoe. Those with eyes to see can marvel at the vast array of Dominoes ready to fall. Ray RienDOUGH wants mammon more than eternity with the Creator. Lying thieves get the second death. When DOUGH goes down, all the Dominoes are going down. We have all seen one Dominoe knock over all the standing ones. It really is quite a sight to behold. The daisy chain of Dominoes, about to fall for all to see, are people just like Ray RienDOUGH. When Riendeau falls, they all fall down.

Can the criminals among us keep Riendeau from tumbling? We will all see soon enough.

Ready criminals? Ray?

I can't hear you...

We heard from criminals...

John F. Kennedy: 'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.'

Kris Mayes

Attorney General

January 22, 2024

RE: Complaint #2024-0358

This letter is to acknowledge the receipt of the aforementioned complaint. After careful review, it has been determined there is a lack of clear facts and evidence to support criminal wrongdoing and that the issues you’ve identified are civil in matter versus criminal. As a private citizen, you always have the right to bring forth a private action.

The information you have provided has been logged and will remain on file per the record retention laws of Arizona.


Duty Agent

Office of the Attorney General – SIS

(Note: If the office of Attorney General is willing to lie about the very nature of theft and fraud in a pathetic attempt to keep the first Dominoe from falling, the end is oh, so near)

The letter is not even signed but we are to believe Duty Agent is very sincere. Who wrote this letter? We filed the criminal complaint midday Friday. The letter was written Monday the 22nd. They did not investigate; they merely carefully reviewed the complaint. It was determined, by Duty Agent, and/or Mayes, we can’t be sure, there is a lack of clear facts and evidence to support criminal wrongdoing.

What are clear facts and evidence? We did easily prove Ray Riendeau is FRAUDULENTLY STEALING THE SOUND RECORDING AND VIDEO of “Dominstra” owned solely by Circle One Records. Circle One Records is Dominic John Circolone. Ray also used fraud to steal the copyright from Dominic John Circolone (writer), and Honey One Music Publishing (Dominic John Circolone’s publishing company).

A child playing the learning game, “Which One Doesn’t Fit”, could easily see the thumbnail to “Dominstra” is the one that doesn’t belong. But we are to believe that which would be obviously apparent to a small child is less than clear to the highest law enforcement officer in Arizona? Did the criminals posing as government even meet Ray Riendeau? Anyone that has met Ray knows this clown is not humble. Ray is one of the most arrogant people I’ve ever met. Would Ray really call one of his “compositions”, “Dominstra”? Ray is not that creative. If it were it would be named: “RAYMINSTRA”!

Are fraud and theft now civil matters, as Mayes and the Duty proclaimed? There is not one Arizona Revised Statute criminalizing theft, if we are to believe Mayes and the Duty. Fraud is not criminal any longer it has been downgraded to a mere civil matter. Is this really true? Or, is the Attorney General lying in order to hide the crimes of theft and fraud? Would the Attorney General aiding and abetting an obvious criminal be justice for all?

Should we believe an obvious lying criminal, KRIS MAYES, and consider our property now belonging to Ray Riendeau until we file and adjudicate a civil complaint? What if the civil court relies on the Attorney General’s “careful review” of the online complaint and dismisses the case as frivolous? Why wouldn’t they?

Where is the justice in any of this? The Attorney General, Kris Mayes is now aiding and abetting Ray Riendeau in the crimes of THEFT AND FRAUD. THEFT AND FRAUD ARE CRIMINAL ACTS, KRIS MAYES.

Aiding and abetting criminals is also criminal activity, KRIS MAYES.

How do we stop this type of corruption, we the people of the USA? Do we allow this Attorney General to get away with their obvious criminal activity?

The previous AG, Brnovich, denied me justice when I filed a criminal complaint against The Phoenix Police Department for fraud and aiding and abetting a criminal. It’s a long story, I will tell it someday, but Brnovich will be punished for its role in the crime called Operation Warp Speed.

When those empowered to punish criminals are the criminals we must enforce our own laws.

I will be the Attorney General of Arizona for free. I will make sure Mayes, Brnovich and all the players in the covid psy-op are punished. We have to arrest Kris Mayes and Ray Riendeau! Then, I will become the interim AG, and I will do it for freedom and free of charge. Three of the Dominoes have been identified by name: Ray Riendeau, Kris Mayes, and Brnovich. The District Attorney in Phoenix will be added to the list if they refuse to arrest Ray Riendeau, and Kris Mayes. What you gonna do, D.A.?

If you refuse to bring swift justice to, “we the people”, then we will get it ourselves. If you let Ray Riendeau steal my composition, then I will get some homeless pipe hitting niggers and go visit Ray’s vintage bass vault. Since Ray and its ilk calling themselves, government, refuse to tell me how much they have stolen, I assume I now own all the basses in the vault. The last one I claim will be used to pummel Riendeau for stealing from me.

The Jews and Christians that have stolen all functions of government from the real people of the USA tried to kill us with their comical covid psy-op. They have been trying to foment violent revolution since before I was born in 1963. Now, the end is near for criminals feigning righteousness!

Ray and the criminals are desperately trying to stop the Creator from playing Dominoes.

Can we get more arrogant than that?

The Lamb told me Ray is the first Dominoe. The Lamb never lies, Jews and Christians.

The Father and the Lamb both need us to punish those that perpetrated the COMICAL COVID PSY-OP. If we don't, we will be punished with them, humanity. 

Its over for Luci and the Jews.

The complicit Christians better repent and get out of the way. You criminal Christians have no clue what is about to happen, because it is going to happen to you, as well.

Repent while you still can, Ray Riendeau!

You and your ilk cannot stop the Creator, clowns! Tick... tock...Ray and the criminals protecting the lying thief...  -------------------------------------------------------------------



Thinking is where the answers can be found.

If I allow Ray and the google of criminals to steal my tribute to my deceased father, then they will attempt to steal all my compositions for all eternity using the same method they used to steal, "Dominstra".

The precedent that theft and fraud are now civil, not criminal in nature, cannot and will not be allowed to take hold. Imagine living your life where anyone can now steal anything, but can no longer be arrested, imprisoned or treated as a criminal. All theft and fraud must now be adjudicated in the civil courts.

Criminal justice is swift, or it's supposed to be. Civil jurisprudence is slower than a slow turtle. Many civil complaints are frivolous and filed out vengeance or ignorance.

This desire to "sue" haphazardly is the main reason adjudicating in the civil court system takes much too long for stolen sound recordings and videos to ever be part of the civil trial system in our land.

By the time we get to trial the hit was long dead and the thieves are long gone.

If Ray Riendeau acted alone in the theft and fraud it would be horrible.

When those empowered to punish criminals are the criminals, and they're taking a salary to aid and abet fellow criminals, the last straw has been "carefully" placed. Mayes and Duty, by their own admission, did zero investigating.

The Office of Attorney General in the state of Arizona "reviewed" an online submission posing as a legitimate complaint form to come to the conclusion they not only have the power to make/revise law, but I should live under the delusion theft and fraud are not criminal in nature. 

Those of us with the Lamb that died but now lives in eternity are following our Shepherd to the Father's house.

We all know the Creator carved the commandments in stone. If we decide stealing, in any form, is now not criminal we are acting as if we have more authority than the Creator. We are playing God, so to speak.

Luci rebelled against the Creator long ago. Luci wants to be both the mother and father of Heaven. Luci and the Lamb played a game where the stakes were so high it was winner take all. This is how it ended.

Luci, you have been checkmated. Throwing a temper tantrum by knocking over the chessboard does nothing to the outcome.

The Lamb still wants me to ask the criminals exactly how much they stole from me.

Luci, you are the only one that can say the "magik" word. Now, say it BITCH!

Everything is being revealed and we will all see what you really are, "Laughomet".

You are a two in one insane clown from outer space, Luci. The OG chick with a dick.

Now let us act as adults and face the music, SIS!


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